Artist Spotlight with Aubree Hibbe April 05 2016

I am so excited to announce our first artist spotlight. Not only is this our first interview, but the subject holds a special part in my life since she worked with my husband and I on our wedding this past October. Below is a brief Q & A I did with Aubree Hibbe, owner and founder of Acorn Country.



Briland: How did you get into making Terrariums?

Aubree: It started as a hobby. I saw some terrariums online and started making them myself. The process was so rewarding that I just kept making them. When my friends would come over and see them they went crazy over them. The demand turned my hobby into a business.    

Briland: Are you originally from Miami?

Aubree: Yup, born and raised. Some of my knowledge of plants comes from going to Fairchild Tropical Gardens as a child. My grandmother was a part of the Garden Club Society and so I was always around nature.

Briland: Is that why you decided to keep Miami as the home base for Acorn Country?

Aubree: Yes, and Miami is a great area to have local clients. Being able to sell face to face allows the whole process to be very personal, which doesn’t really happen anymore. Since Miami is a large yet small city and the weather is so conducive to my product, I am able to find all the materials I need. There are wholesalers and farmers here. It’s a perfect mix.

Briland: Then you get all materials right here in Miami?

Aubree: Yup, I get all my plants from Isaac Farms. They are pretty much exclusive in succulents and cacti. The place is incredible.

Briland: What made you decide to start a business?

Aubree: Well the demand did. About 2 years ago there weren’t many companies doing terrariums like these. There were florist type locations and higher end, larger scale gardens. None of which were at this price point or making these smaller sizes, allowing customers to bring their little garden right into their home.

Briland: Have you ever done a larger display or a garden?

Aubree: I recently did a project for the Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove. They commissioned me to do 21 different terrariums in their hotel rooms. It was very rewarding to see something I created integrated in the beautiful ambiance The Ritz has created. I’ve also done a wedding…”yours,” where I created seashell air plant favors for all the guests. Several local businesses have also contacted me to do displays at their location. Wherever or whatever people want I will make one! As far as a large out door garden I like these little gardens in a container. The reason I focus on these is because I myself am an apartment liver. I dream of the day I have land to get messy in but for now these terrariums are my way to bring the outside in. It’s like having your own little pocket garden.


Briland: Do you ever have a customer pick a few plants and container and ask if you’ll make a totally custom design for them?

Aubree: All the time. We pick out all the elements together and the following week they’ll pick it up.

Briland: What influences your design?

Aubree: The plants influence my design. I try to look for an odd cactus or succulent and then make it beautiful by pairing it with let’s say sand that has a color in it that will accent a pretty part of the odd plant. Finding a color or texture to accentuate is really how I design terrariums.

Briland: What are your favorite materials or plants to work with?

Aubree: Right now I am really drawn to the scary, will definitely hurt you, cactus. There is something so cool about taking something so scary looking and pairing it with something delicate. The combination brings a completely different look out of each other.

Briland: What’s the best way to care for the terrariums?

Aubree: Don’t care for them too much. They kind of want to be alone. Very little water, bright sunlight, and if you what you are doing is working then don’t move them.

Briland: What do you see or hope for the future of Acorn Country?

Aubree: Oh my goodness, I would love to see it grow. The farmer’s markets are amazing and I’m able to grow my clientele without having a store. My dream though is to one day have my own shop!


You can find Aubree every Sunday at the Pinecrest Gardens Market with her very funny and supportive mom - who just keeps begging to be fired, but in the meantime keeps their labor of love going. For those of you who aren’t in the Miami area, or just can’t wait till Sunday, come shop Acorn Country right on Briland blu. We are very pleased to stock many of Acorn Country’s beautiful pieces.